These pages have been developed by breast cancer survivors and other healthcare professionals and researchers so that you, your family and friends may be empowered in your journey and experience with breast cancer.

Our goal has been and always will be to give women throughout the US opportunities to obtain accurate and vital information to release them from the web of confusion that often follows a diagnosis of breast cancer and to provide resources and contacts to address the wide and varied experiences of breast cancer survivors.

Each of us is different, and our paths in life may merge only momentarily. We hope these pages will provide a comfortable clearing for inspiration, encouragement and support in your walk of survivorship.

What are our goals?

To increase public awareness of breast cancer concerns through public relations and education
To improve access to high-quality breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and care for all women, particularly the uninsured
To promote research into the cause and cure of breast cancer with the best possible treatments
To promote funding and better distribution of research funds
To educate legislators on regulation and healthcare policy issues
To increase involvement and influence of those living with breast cancer
To interact with health professionals and researchers about breast cancer.