Cancer Causes – To Know Them is to Avoid Them

There are many known and well accepted cancer causes. However, there are other things that many suspect are carcinogens but have not yet been proven. For my money, I’d rather take the point of view that if something is even suspected of being a cancer cause or contributor, I’m laying off of it if I can. As always, we know in our world, it’s nearly impossible to be in control of everything unless you are a total control freak. Even then, it’s unlikely. So, some common sense is called for. You want to live a full, productive life and not worry every minute. So it’s best to get some clear understanding of some of these cancer causes so they become second nature to you and you don’t ever really have to think about it. Of course, some of these things are out of your immediate control unless you decide to become an advocate on the issue which is hard work but may provide you with that 15 minutes of fame!

Let’s take a look at some of the obvious problems. You can click through on each link for more information and solutions:

Tobacco –
Even as far back as the 1950’s, ancient time to some, cigarettes were commonly called ‘cancer sticks.’ But, it’s not just cigarettes that you need to worry about.

Radon –
What the heck is that, anyway? Every house should be checked for radon because it is a cancer causing gas seeping out of your house and into your lungs.

Radiation –
Bad enough that when you have x-rays at the dentist’s office, the technician hides in a booth! They hide specifically because they know radiation is dangerous stuff.

Chemicals –
Many years ago, a large chemical company had as it’s motto “Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible.” We wonder if Adam and Eve knew that? Because a lot of life had been created and lived long before chemicals were in use.

You can fight these cancer causes by eating healthy food that is loaded with antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause cancer.

You can help stamp out cancer when you support

Get to know – wear

HPV and Hepetitus B and C can do a lot of damage, including leading to cancer.

Isopropyl alcohol and parasites –
This deadly combination is found in nearly everyone and combined, they can cause serious illness, including gastric or stomach cancer.

Hormone replacement therapy –
has long been suspected of causing breast cancer. This chemical drug manipulates the bodies normal activity.

Fluoride –
In the 1940’s in the United States, the government decided that if fluoride was added to public drinking water, it would reduce tooth decay in everyone. It did more than that.

Industrial waste and pollution –
Years ago the U. S. EPA set standards for disposal of industrial waste and for the pollution spewed into the air. You would think this would take care of the problem after so much time, would you not?

Be sure you click through to the links on each cancer cause to read more about them and for solutions you can put into place to reduce your risk for getting this disease. And remember, not every cancer can be avoided because all the information is not yet known. But things are progressing. So stay tuned.